What is meditation?

True meditation is when we feel the joy of the Spirit as we are in the state of thoughtless awareness – we are very much aware of our surroundings and our presence, yet we are thoughtless. It is the gap between two thoughts. For example, when we visit the Grand Canyon, we enjoy the natural beauty of the canyon so completely that we stand gazing at our surroundings wonderstruck and yet thoughtless. At that moment we are in the present – thinking neither of the future nor the past. At that moment we enter the state of meditation. During meditation, we harmonize with the Cosmic Energy.

Why should we meditate?

Meditation is the nutrition for our soul. As our meditation grows stronger, we achieve physical, emotional and spiritual balance. It frees us from the clutches of the past and the worries of the future. It enables us to live in the present and cherish it. Our lives are filled with joy and we have the strength to face all the adversities of life. We develop emotional and spiritual intelligence and we become conscientious, performing our civic duties with joy. It gives us satisfaction and contentment. It inspires honesty, integrity and love. It sprouts the seed of goodness within the individual.

How to meditate?

The first step is Self realization. During the process of Self realization, the Kundalini energy rises piercing through the energy centers (chakras in Sanskrit and plexuses in medical science). Once it pierces through the seventh center, Sahasrara, we feel a cool or warm breeze, the vibrations, on the palms of our hands and the crowns of our heads.

Once we get our Self realization, we choose a quiet corner of our home and meditate twice – once in the morning and once before bedtime. We meditate for as long as we wish. Time is not a factor here. We do not fight our thoughts, but just witness them. We just watch as the thoughts float by like clouds in the sky. During this part of our meditation, we might feel a warm breeze or a tingling on one or more fingers. A warm breeze or tingling is the sign of an obstruction in one or more of the chakras.

Shri Mataji has graciously taught us how to remove obstruction in our chakras. Employing these techniques, we can remove any obstruction that we feel in our chakras. As the obstructions clear, more and more strands of Kundalini rise. Gradually, Kundalini makes a gap between two thoughts. As this gap increases with daily sincere effort, we enter into a deeper state of meditation.

Our meditation grows stronger; the health of our chakras improves. As a by-product, we become joyful, loving and compassionate and collective human beings.

We invite you to join us for meditation