Chakra and Nadi

Chakras are the centers of divine energy and Nadis are the channels of divine energy. For more information about each Chakra and Nadi, please refer the charts below. You may want to view short video excerpts of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi with explanation of different Chakras.

Chakra Physical Manifestation Qualities
MooladharaMooladhara Pelvic Plexus innocence, wisdom, eternal childhood
SwadisthanSwadisthan Aortic Plexus creativity, abstract thought, aesthetics
NabhiNabhi Solar Plexus dharma, Ten Commandments, satisfaction and contentment
Void (Ocean of Illusion)Void (Ocean of Illusion)   dharma, stability, balance, personality
AnahathAnahath Cardiac Plexus motherly love, sense of security, dutiful life, fatherly love
VishuddhiVishuddhi Cervical Plexus divine diplomacy, collective consciousness, playful witness & detachment, sense of fun and humor
AgnyaAgnya Optic Chiasma super ego, forgiveness, resurrection, ego
SahasraraSahasrara Limbic Area collective consciousness, integration, silence

If you are interested, you may read further on each of the above Chakras. Please note that you will need Adobe Reader. Download Adobe Reader, if required.

Nadis Physical Manifestation Controls
Ida Nadi Left Sympathetic Nervous System emotions, desires
Pingala Nadi Right Sympathetic Nervous System action, physical and mental creativity, self respect
Sushumna Nadi Para Sympathetic Nervous System autonomous body functions, evolution, spiritual growth