Tupelo Events

Inner Peace Day Celebration:
March 21st-Open House. Come anytime BETWEEN 4PM and 7PM and experience Sahaja Yoga Meditation and discover the peace within.
Location: 280 S. Thomas St, Suite 2E (Spanish Village), 2nd Floor (Back Stairs)

Spirit of Gandhi – Oct 4 & Oct 5 2013

Celebration of 144th birth anniversary in Tupelo!

Spirit of Gandhi

We had about couple of dozen photographs of Gandhi and a few of his quotes that gives spiritual insight into the legend that is an inspiration to us all.

Gandhi himself said, “What a great thing it would be if we in our busy lives could restore into ourselves each day for at least a couple of hours and prepare our minds to listen to the voice of the great silence. The divine radio is always singing if we could only make ourselves ready to listen to it, but it is impossible to listen without silence.”

We had a small corner where we helped people who were interested to feel this inner silence. We had several people from different walks of life who came over to the exhibition. A few just sat and watched the Gandhi movie for a while. The most popular part of the exhibition for the kids was the depiction of the salt march near the seashore at Dandi.