The Subtle System

The subtle system is a network of channels and energy centers within us and it looks after our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well being.

When the fetus is in the mother’s womb, a channel of Divine energy passes through the fetal brain to enlighten it. This Divine energy gets reflected into channels and centers of Divine energy. In Sanskrit language, these channels of energy are called Nadis and centers of energy are called Chakras.

The Subtle SystemOne of the channels of Divine energy that pierces through the fontanel bone in the center passes straight into the medulla oblongata and settles in three and a half coils in the triangular sacrum bone at the end of the spinal cord. This Divine energy is known as the Kundalini. On its way down, the Kundalini passes through six centers of energy, Chakras. The Chakras are expressed as plexus outside the spinal cord and are responsible for certain spiritual qualities within us.

As the child grows, the ego and super ego bloat up like balloons and the fontanel bone gets calcified. This cuts off the connection between the subtle energy, the Kundalini within us and the all pervading Divine energy around us. Then the human being identifies himself as a separate entity, the consciousness of ‘I’ is born and he becomes a servant to his ego.

When the Kundalini rises piercing the center of the fontanel bone (the Sahasrara) and reestablishes the connection with the all pervading energy around us. It happens in a split second without giving any trouble to the seeker. This is Self realization and is manifested as a cool or warm breeze, the vibrations, on the palms of our hands and the crowns of our heads.

As our meditation grows deeper, more and more strands of this mothering energy, the Kundalini, rise piercing through the Chakras. This balances and heals our Chakras, establishing the qualities of each Chakra within us. As a by-product, the organs controlled by the Chakra receive the energy to work efficiently. This is how Sahaja Yoga balances, neutralizes and heals human problems and re-connects human beings to the Divine.

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